emulation framework

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emulica screenshot

Emulation modelling

Emulica offers a small set of systemic-inspired generic constructs, that enable the modelling of complex system.

Because of the emulation approach (i.e. only the physical system is represented, control functions are separated), the modelling is simple and efficient

In emulica, each emulation construct is represented graphically. This graphical model is animated during execution.

Control editing

Control code is written in python, with extensive use of the generators (yield statements), that enable easy synchronisation with external events.

Graphical edition of control code with syntax highlighting, using gtksourceview2

Code snippets for common tasks, and automated generation of declaration function.

Code validation


When executing an emulation model, emulica try to create a virtual shop-floor to measure the performance of the control system.

Execution can be done in real-time or in dicrete-event mode

Emulica has the ability to be interfaced with a remote control system that need to be tested.

The emulica framework is able to take control functions, to help in the first stage of control design

Results generation

Several reports types are availables:

Results can be saved: this include charts (saved as pdf, eps, png, jpg or svg images), key simulation indicators (as text) or raw simulation traces (as csv).