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About Emulica

Emulica is an emulation framework that enable researchers or practitionners to design and run emulation-based control experiments, in the context of manufacturing and logistics systems. See features for an extensive overview, take a look at the screenshots, or download it right away. Emulica is an open source development project, released under the GNUGPL licence.

Emulica is written in python, and runs on every platform that suports it. The simulation core is based on Simpy. It comes as a python module that provide you with an extensible and versatile emulation framework, or as a graphical application (using pyGTK) that enable graphical editing of emulation models, edition of control routine with syntax highlight, and generation of beautiful results charts.


Version 0.6 is out !

Seme has been renamed Emulica With the release of the version 0.6, a new name which highlight the emulation concept has been adopted.

what's new in emulica 0.6 ?

Some changes has also been made to the underlying code, for instance, the modularisation of emulicapp (formerly gsemeapp) for better maintenability, transition from the glade fromat to xmlbuilder, a step forward to python3 by replacing '%' pattern with the 'string.format' function.

Version 0.5 is now available! Even if it is still alpha, this is the first version that have actually been used, by ENSTIB students doing their last year project on simulation-optimisation coupling.

This version introduce composite modelling: is it now possible to use emulation models as custom modules. Other improvements are in the graphical application, with better support of execution errors, ability to save results, multiple undo/redo in modelling and control editing, and many bugfixes...